We are a group of Catholics ( BVM Blue Mantle LLC ) whose love for our Lord and Mary has inspired us to consecrate California to Our Lady. Among our supporters are: Archbishop Cordileone, Bishop Robert F. Vasa, Queen of Angels Foundation, ​​Emily Wilson, Fr. Sam, Mark Anchor Albert,  Knights of Columbus, Lila Rose, America Needs Fatima, Jesse Romero, LiveAction, Rev. Justin Ramos, Sarah Swafford, Patrick Coffin, Jackie Francois Angel, Tim Staples, Catholic Answers, Father C. Ripperger, Father Philip, The Fatima Rosary, San Juan Catholic Seminars,  @CatholicConnect, @CatholicTeenPost, @Catholic_Imagery, and many more. Join us and make a difference!”                                       


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Fr. Gustavo López, O.S.J